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    Datacard® CE840™ Instant Issuance System

    The Datacard Group Desktop team is pleased to announce the release of the Datacard CE840 instant issuance system.
    This system provides the very best in card issuance for simple to sophisticated financial applications as well as
    many other vertical markets.
    The new CE840 system combines embossing, indenting, topping, and optional direct-to-card color printing
    into a single unit
    and provides customers with the flexibility to personalize either pre-printed or
    a blank white cards..



    The CE840 system offers extreme value and security that will appeal to customers across a wide variety of markets  :

       - Banks
       - Financial organizations generating their embossed VISA and MasterCard   branded debit, credit and ATM cards
       - Gift and Loyalty Cards - prepaid gift cards
       - Payment cards – non-banked prepaid cards
       - Retailers with own financial arm - co-branded credit cards
       - Healthcare - patient health cards, admissions and health savings account
       - Government social benefit program - EBT Cards
       - Bureaus – Support and augment card replacement programs


     Features and information on the CE840 system that are of interest to service personnel are:

    - Single hopper, The single input hopper has a capacity of 100 cards with an additional exception card feed slot
    - Dual-control security enclosure, Software-activated lock and backup mechanical locks secure card stock,
      supplies and rejected cards
    - Datacard® patented Intelligent Supplies Technology™, Supply color ribbons and topping are system-matched
      and unique to the CE840 system. The topping foil and indent ribbon cassette are easy to load and
      keyed to ensure proper loading of the cassettes into the CE870 system
    - Magnetic Strip Encoding, magnetic strip encoding to the ISO 7811 with Hi and Lo Coercivity
    - Dual contact/contactless single-wire smart card encoder, The encoder allows for one network connection
      going into the CE840 system, which lets the printer and smart card communicate through a single network
      connection with encoding to ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 A/B
    - Easy printer setup, Windows Driver and Datacard® Printer Command Language (for custom development)
    - Embossing, 150 total characters split between 1st embossing/indenting with 75 characters wheel and
      2nd embossing only wheels with 75 characters wheelIndenting  
    - Indenting, front and rear
    - Standard LCD display panel, provides system status, 2 line LCD displays warnings, error message and
      current system status, access to menu subsystems. This feature has software locks.
    - Kensington® Style Lock bracket, hardware lock to allow system to be physically locked to a desk or table
    - Printer manager, Web based printer manager is used for printer configuration and diagnostics